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Blueberries (Cyanococcus Vaccinium) are all native to North America, and were introduced into Europe in the 1930s.[1] Healing Properties Antioxidant Free radical scavenging.[2] Brain Health The polyphenols and other phytochemicals contained in blueberries can be detected all throughout the brain.[

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Pectin is plant based, and consists of a complex set of polysaccharides. The amount, structure and chemical composition of pectin differs among plants, within a plant over time, and in various parts of a plant. Healing Properties * Antiproliferative * Citrus Pectin fragments such as, rhamnogalactu

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Healing Properties Digestion Probiotic / Prebiotic Plum extract has been shown to activate the growth of all lactobacilli strains.[1] * Lactobacilli are particularly well-recognized as major contributors to improved gut and overall health. Disease / Symptom Treatment Sources: 1. Study Type: In V

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